2005 The Better Fight
MP3 Hey Jerusha

2001 Walk On
MP3 Swing Her About

1999 Two Nights Solo (re-released in 2002 on the BOREALIS label).
MP3 Marylou In Burgundy

1995 Release of Terry's third album Down The Eighth and Gone with the single Flag Station Fireballwent to number 5 on an indie chart in France. Another, HARDER THAN DIAMONDS TO HOLD, became a play list favorite in Germany.
MP3 Flag Station Fireball

1993 Terry’s Christmas song Big Six was one of the highlights of the 1993 CKBY Christmas In The Valley (vol. 7) CD. COLLAGE: A Collection of Good Songs Well Played. Terry has 4 cuts on this compilation.
1990 Terry’s second album, Transparent Blue , (Snowy River Records) with additional cuts Hanging Roses From Her Door and Stand 'Neath My Window . Both charted in Canadian country charts.
MP3 Never No More

1987 First solo release, Terry Tufts (Snowy River Records).
MP3 You Never Knew

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