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Things to Do To Save The Planet

On view below is the only important opinion I have to express. Whether or not you agree is up to you and keep in mind that it's only an opinion.

Establish a lottery for the birth of children based on regional sustainability. In all fairness to a balanced planet, we must strive for ZERO POPULATION GROWTH (ZPG), one child per human MAX. For life.

Kill Your Television.

Outlaw electricity not produced by wind, wave, or solar and in connection with that:

Disassemble all hydro dams. Rivers and rapids have a legitimate ecological function and it ain't solely to satisfy human endeavour. Hang your head for the loss of Oucheemaupausetqui.

Outlaw the manufacture of all non-recyclable and non-biodegradable products.

Establish a system of categorization to determine what goods should be manufactured exclusively from recycled materials ie: clothes pegs could be designated as class one - manufacture exclusively from pre-used materials and not from wood.

Origin of manufacture is responsible for the retrieval and recycling of packaging for goods created and also responsible for retrieval and recycling of all parts manufactured in the production of said goods for the life of all things manufactured. Take 'dat.

Outlaw monoculture and promote diversity in every walk of life, economic or otherwise

Outlaw universal monetary systems.

Outlaw the representation of value and worth by things that have no value, ie: credit and currency. Trade may be conducted in real goods only and not credit or currency. This one needs to be roughed out more, fer shur.

Outlaw the exploration, mining, and use of uranium and uranium based products. If it's that hard to get the stuff up out of the ground, it must be for a legitimate evolution-based reason. It's probably down there in order not to screw things up that are out of contact with it.

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No Uranium

Outlaw petroleum production. If it's that hard to get the stuff up out of the ground, it must be for a legitimate evolution-based reason. It's probably down there in order not to screw things up that are out of contact with it.

Outlaw the internal combustion engine.

Outlaw construction and maintenance of all non-regionally funded travel ways.

Outlaw travel between regions for economic gain with the exception of the arts.

Outlaw air travel. We've invented giant aerosol cans spewing havoc into the atmosphere. At any one time there are at least 5000 planes over North America helping with the demise of life. As repellant as the concept may be, whoever was responsible for the attack on the World Trade Centre is the only entity that has actually done something for the environment on a significant scale. While air travel was stopped over the next week, the average North American night time temperature dropped by 4 degrees.

Outlaw manufacture of all petroleum based goods.ie: plastic. It doesn't go away. It breaks down into parts per billion, granted, but it is currently on the shoreline of every waterway (creek, stream, river, lake, and ocean) on the face of the planet and has entered the food chain.

Outlaw profit

Outlaw large scale agriculture and food gathering for economic gain (including trade) and redirect dependence on local and regional operations. In connection with this:

Clean up nitrates from our land and water and prevent them from assisting blue algae blooms now found at river mouths on every ocean

Outlaw the importation of food.

Outlaw financial, medical, and food assisted aid to stressed regions of the planet.

Outlaw large forestry and redirect dependence on sustainable local and regional operations.

Outlaw construction within 300 meters of all lakes and waterways, disassemble all human construction already established, and reestablish growth within that 300-meter zone of indigenous plants.

Outlaw sewage disposal by water and waste drainage into all water.

Reestablish political boundaries by geographical and/or geological region.

Outlaw unlimited competition.

Outlaw all threats to the food of non-human species.

Outlaw government.

Outlaw religion but not spirituality. (Regarding Christianity or most other ancient religions...To quote at least 7 or 8 ancient civilizations as to what Christmas is, and evermore shall be: TIME AND NAVIGATIONAL MARKERS.....and finally over the hump toward more sun and more heat.
The three stars in Orion's Belt, known for over 14,000 years by a multitude of ancient civilizations as THE THREE KINGS, gradually line up with Sirius (THE BRIGHTEST STAR IN THE EASTERN SKY) and by the 22nd of December, the sun (also known, coincidently, in these civilizations as THE SON, THE LAMB OF GOD, THE GLORY OF HEAVEN) appears to exhibit 0 degrees amplitude (stops getting higher OR lower in the sky on a daily basis) for three days in the constellation of the Southern Cross (CRUCIFICTION) until the THREE KINGS and THE STAR line up to point to sunrise on the Eastern horizon on the 25th of December. The sun slowly gains amplitude (gets gradually higher) daily (RESURRECTION, ASCENSION FROM THE CROSS) until by Spring Equinox (EASTER) there are more hours of light than darkness (THE LIGHT OVERTAKES THE POWER OF DARKNESS) and the sun (SON) returns.
The emperor Constatine has been know for centuries as the first Christian emperor, which is not really true. Constantine was a Mithras (sun) worshipper. At a time when the Rome was the world centre for economics as well as religion, there was a different religious day of celebration for almost every day of the week. This was playing hell with economics as one can imagine with various and sundry shops being either closed or open, so Constantine delared that the day HE worshipped, SUNday, would be the only day of the week on which to celebrate one's particular obligation. However, Christian media marketing got the best of everyone elses. Rome ended up with a stronger economic base and Constantine got his picture on those neat little Sainted baseball cards.
I love you all.
Outlaw prejudice, species-based or otherwise

Discourage arrogance and species-ist thought.

Outlaw zoos and domestication of non-human animals except by willing participants. Again, this has to be thought out by someone mor adept than yours truly. What would a person do with injured animals and species at risk? Different strokes for different situations I guess.

Begin an intense program of locating and thoroughly cleaning all dumps and landfill sites and purifying the soil, (if we can find the money to send a robot to Mars, we can find the money and intellectual resources to do this) and initiate prosecutions to the full extent of the law.

Pass legislation to create laws in order to accommodate the above. None responsible shall escape penalization.

Re-institute the death penalty for crimes against the environment.

Outlaw science for money

Plant as many indigenous hardwood trees in a non-monocultural manner as possible…NOW.

It's just a thought. Don't forget you have to be willing to bend to accommodate each situation.


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Last updated March 2nd, 2009